If you work in a foundry you have surely noticed that people with specific skills always miss.

Maybe you are training your technicians…

But it is not enough!

You need skilled people who have a wide culture on the casting process.

Then you have arranged with external consultants.

They have helped you in building up your process and train your employees a little.

But the reality is that it is still not enough

Here in Brescia in order to solve for companies this huge demand, people have founded the casting school.

It is a division of the Faculty of Engineering.  It lies in front of the faculty.

Here is the link…

In this school, students practise a detailed schedule.

The arguments will be the process, machinery, chemistry, how to plan investments and how the foundry layout should be.

Great, but there is even more.

The professors are not only real professors… the students are also trained by engineers working in a foundry.

This makes a strong link between this school and the true reality of a foundry.

But this was not enough!

The school has asked the best companies to take part in the education of the students.

So, at the school there will be also companies, machines, systems and companies that produce die-castings.

I, myself will teach all students the importance of planning a foundry considering the spaces and the deburring and cutting problems.

I will also teach them how to intervene on typical foundry problems, which have been designed in a traditional way.

The Foundry School is with numerus clausus and you can enter only after registration.

If you want to follow my lesson I can ask any exception at the school.

It is really a wonderful opportunity to visit the school and to figure out the solutions, which can innovate your foundry.

Fill out the form below to receive detailed information about the day and time, and book your exclusive place.

I will expect you, I will count on you.

Piercarlo Bonomi
The Main Expert in Robotic Cutting and Deburring Machines


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