Do you want a modern, productive and profitable foundry?

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Do you want a modern productive and profitable foundry ?

When you have to produce cast pieces do you always remember that you need a press, an oven, the mould, you think that the process stops at the casting….. often you forget that you have also to cut and deburr the pieces.

You find a supplier, you make a magical trimming mould, you readapt a machine you have already, you build a special machine by a non-specialised supplier, you supply the pieces deburring them as little as possible and leave the problem to someone else.

You start with the production and your problem gets daily bigger: until you are in a very difficult situation.

If you are tired of this situation, I have the solution for you!

Introduce the Casting Automation system to your business.

Install Professional Cutting and Deburring Machines.

My machines work and solve problems because they are built on these 3 principles:

  1. Designed System In Every Detail
  1. Specific Work Units
  2. Process Operator Indipendent

We produce a range of flexible, fast programming machines, with fast cycle times which allow you to solve your problems and increase profits.

Would you like to see how they work?

Come at MECSPE (Parma, March 23rd-25th )

Mecspe is a very attractive multi-sector exhibition.

There is nothing like this in Italy.

You can see machines of different types and sectors.

All divided into interesting areas.

You can find something of everything for the industrial sector.

And year after year it has continued to grow.

This year I will display a new sanding solution, revolutioning the finishing of aluminium structural parts.

Honestly, I’m not sure that I will really display it.

Until now this solution was proposed in secret to some demanding clients.

Now to display it at the exhibition will make it popular and as usual copied

I don’t know, maybe I will leave it at home, reserved to a limited audience.

I will take the decision last of all.

Although this unit won’t be present, you will see the latest technology in the deburring sector.

You can actually see the Industry 4.0 solution

You can’t miss the appointment.

See you in Parma from March 23rd – 25th.

Do you need a ticket?

I’ll give you a free ticket for each email address.

Write me at

See you there

Piercarlo Bonomi


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