Not all machines are the same (even if they look the same)


A client of mine has allowed me to make a comparative video.

You can download it later on, but for now please listen to me….

Seen from a non expert point of view, all machines look the same.
At the end a deburring machine is built in the same way: composed of a robot, a grinding machine, a gripper and a loading machine

Many other machines are copied one from the other.
I have heard: “This machine is a copy of the other one, why shouldn’t it work in the same way?”

If you want, I can explain the differences with thousands of words.
But today I want to be brief. I’ll invite you to see a movie.

I don’t want to talk about differences but about results.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if one machine looks better and more efficient etc….
The important thing is that it works better and helps you to earn more.

The story is the following.

A client of mine contacted me because he wanted to further automate his company. He had already bought machines which were “ the same” as mine. He wanted an offer, but he wanted to test me.

He asked me for a test for a piece he was already producing on those “same“ machines.
He wanted to understand if we were able.

I’m not afraid of comparisons, so I agreed.
In the meantime I found a YouTube video of his current process with the “same” machine.

I did the test.

The client supervised the processing…. So here is the comparison video.

I make better pieces, in half the time; the machine has more autonomy and retools in half the time.
It’s up to you to decide.

What are the differences between the two machines?
None… if you don’t look clearly.


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