Often I talk to disconsolate entrepreneurs.

They are falling apart because they realize that they cannot work efficiently.

They even installed a system of an improvised supplement and now they find themselves in difficulty.
For every stupid change to the work cycle they need the experienced programmer.

Everything works well, when it works….

They produce  pieces without interruption, when there is an experienced programmer….


But there is a problem!

You have only one experienced programmer who follows many machines.  When he is busy on an other machine he can not follow yours….

Then your production will proceed in fits and starts.

The efficiency of your company plummets.

The problems that I increasingly  find are:

– difficulty in following the production

– difficulty in modifying  the robot programme when the pieces need changing

– difficulty in retooling the machine

– difficulty in finding a fault

If you have an improvised machine all these operations are difficult and it takes a lot of experience to solve the problems.

Once when you needed to message someone you had to use the telex machine.

While an operator wrote on a  sort of typewriter on the other side of the phone a machine wrote the document.

You needed a super capable, quick and professional operator.

When he got ill?!  You were disconnected worldwide.

Then came the internet world and everything changed.

Believe me you are in the same situation as with telex!

If you are in this situation, you might have spent money in looking for staff… so as not to be in a worst situation with just one operator able to use your robotized Telex!

Maybe you can find an operator who is not capable, but he is resourceful.

Efficiency improves everything. You think you have solved the problem.

Everything goes smoothly.

But there is a problem!

That operator applies himself (but he is not able),  makes mistakes and makes thousands of euros of damages.

You have to retool the machine and you only have a capable technician.

He knows what to do and how to do it. He has his notes and no one can touch them.

That is why you look desperate, and you are right to be so.

I have the right solution for you.

You need something more professional. I will tell you what you need.

You need a robot that integrates perfectly with the machine.

On the machine there has to be a computer and a software to simplify everything.

The robot has to talk to the computer and everything must be connected to a large control board.

The software must be exceptional: making every operation simple and intuitive

I know what I am saying because I have banged my head so many times like you in these issues.

Then I said simply stop and together with my technicians I made what you needed.

An electrical equipment with a computer, a control board …. and a new software….

The real secret is the software!

I will explain a big secret to you.

I put all my technicians at work and

here is the great result!

In this new system, NOBODY has the following features:
– full machine view
– auto homing
– easy retooling
– easy program modify
– wearMAX
– I-alarm
– IO assistant
– maintenance assistance

All these features make the job easier for your operators and the increase in efficiency will be enormous.

This software allows you to jump into the future.

It is as if at the time of the telex, I offered you a computer from which you could send all your emails quickly and easily.

Below you see how the software works:

– Full machine view

On the control panel you find a screen on which you see the machine in all its parts.

With your finger you push a part of the machine displayed on the screen and voilà… you see all the parameters concerning that part of the machine.

If you have a problem on a work unit, you can find the problem and the solution on that page.

– Auto homing

How many times does the robot goes wrong and an operator has to work with the keyboard and solve it?

I have found an amazing solution.

If a machine stops in whatever position, when the robot starts again, it goes into the home position alone, without breaking anything, without colliding anywhere and without any EXPERIENCED OPERATOR!

Restart the robot with my machine means to push the HOME button and nothing more! 15 seconds and the robot is productive again.

Today try to see how long your operator takes to send the robot into the home position.

– Easy retooling

This feature speeds up the retooling tremendously but above all avoids mistakes.

Let me explain how it works. The expert programmes the machine: for each unit or tool he defines the work parameters and writes retooling notes.

Then he tells to the software to save everything.

During the retooling the generic operator finds a screen in which he finds all these notes. In addition he has to confirm that he has read them and that he has equipped the machine correctly before he can proceed with the production.

If he does not confirm the machine refuses to restart manufacturing the pieces.

– Easy program modify

Each duty cycle can be changed without using the robot keyboard !!!


For example if you have a cutting programme, you can change the cutting positions, if you have a deburring programme you can enable or stop the deburring operations.

Your inexperienced operator, in the middle of automation and security, changes the duty cycle and follows your production. He becomes efficient and increases turnover.

– WearMAX

This is a software of which I am particularly proud of.

It is installed on each machine equipped with a grinding machine.

It is a software that automatically varies the pressure and speed of work of the tools in order to optimize the use. With this software you will be able to increase the working life of the tools by 25%.

– I-alarm 

The appliance displays all active alarms like in a detailed list.

All alarms are stored in a list at the moment when the alarm occurred and when it has been resolved.

In this way it is easy to diagnose when the machine stood still and which was the anomaly.

– IO assistant

This feature allows you to easily view the status of all computer inputs and outputs. You can easily find faults and restart the machine.

– Maintenance assistance

The machine takes account of maintenance intervals and warns the user when it is time to carry out an inspection or periodic maintenance.

All these functions make the machine efficient and easy to use.

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you work?

Piercarlo Bonomi
The Main Expert in Robotic Cutting and Deburring Machines


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