macchina di taglio e sbavatura

One of the things that really makes me angry is when someone asks me if I build islands.

No, in my machines there are no palm trees.

I don’t build islands …. We build machines.

This is the core of the Casting Automation System.

But let’s go step by step. When I talk about this topic I struggle to stay calm… and my speech becomes frantic.

The term robotic cell was created to define something that lives on its own. A robot surrounded by  some devices.

But there is a big problem!

Nowadays this kind of system is not enough. When we say a cell we mean machines realized by someone with low specialization.

A makeshift machine, which lives its own life and does NOT communicate with the rest of the world.

The robotic cell does not make you earn money. It gives you only problems!

You can’t invest in cells.

You have to buy something with which you earn, something that enhances your life and your job.

Maybe by buying a cell, you have also saved money.

But there is a problem!
You can’t imagine which trouble you’re getting into!

Let me give you an example.
We Italians are all experienced eaters and in other words all great chefs.

On television you watch  master cook  Massari (one of the greatest pastry chefs who incidentally has his laboratory at Brescia) who gives a you a recipe. Everything  seems easy. Try and do it yourself. 

You won’t make the same cake as Massari. Don’t lie to me but above all to yourself.

It is the same for machine building. The correct ingredients (assuming there are some) are not enough thrown randomly.

You need a project and a knowledge of accurate foundry.. Which means, you need a technical know- how certified by the results obtained from other clients.

Without excuses and devious sales games.


That’s how robotic cells are built:

  • the base does not exist
  • commercial unit
  • uncertain security
  • underestimated process 

But there is a problem!


Thanks to all these elements in your warehouse you have a thing that is NOT a machine,

but its luck is that it costs less than my solution and is practically ready for delivery.

Instead of improving your business, the robotic cell sinks it with a blast of cannon fire, just like a ship on the open sea bombed by the worst pirates in circulation.

At this point you can hope for some lifeboat or climb onto a piece of floating wood like in the film Titanic, however they are not enough and soon you will sink into the depths of the ocean.

Casting automation is exactly the opposite of this…

The system comes from a knowledge of the process!

If I compare the construction of the machine to the construction of a house, from the beginning my project foresees everything:

  • drawing of the facade
  • interior arrangement
  • where to place the stairs
  • how the roof  will be
  • how the rooms will be (or rather where the light sensors to switch on the lights will be placed)
  • where to place the wiring

– and so on..

So the process is the foundation and every piece of the machine is a brick.

Everything must fit perfectly.

Every day I repeat ‘’ Build Up For Perfection” to my guys on my staff.

We build perfection

Nothing is left to chance. Every detail has a reason for being made that way.

Following this line I developed a series of machines  where the three cornerstones are:

  • integrated project
  • specific unit for robot
  • automated process in every detail

1. Integrated project

I have wanted and continue to want that it remains like this: all the machine is designed and build inside my company

Honestly, if I have to consider my business costs, it costs more but it is the solution that makes the difference to you and to all my clients.

Every part of the machine is designed by engineers who respond to me hour by hour. I follow them all and together we find the best and most functional solution.

Together we decide if a problem is better solved by a mechanical  or by an electrical solution. The service designers, mechanics, electricians, software professionals, installers and technicians all  work together to achieve the perfect machine from every point of view.

The client gets a machine that has been developed to give him the best performance and the maximum results.

I could save money giving some work to other companies, but this would mean sacrificing the professionalism of my company, and I could sell you a machine on which you won’t earn any money.

The machine would cost less, but it would perform less : this would mean that you produce less pieces or the quality would be poor.

2. Specific unit for robot

The secret of a successful machine lies in the work-unit. To contain the machine costs I could use manual units and convert them somehow into units for robots, like everyone does.

But there is a problem!

The standard units will get broken within next to no time. If a unit is build for manual work, it is dimensioned for the worker’s capacities: so we are sure that the worker will not push more than 5 kg, that he will take breaks and near the end of his shift his rhythm will decrease.

When my competitor uses this unit, within a short period of time he will get reliability and performance problems.

Parts will begin to get broken, the inverter will break and the motors will get broken

Personally, I have tried what I have just said. And I have decided that my clients deserve better.

Having said this, we have developed a series of specific units for  robots. The result?

  • reduced cycle time
  • very low maintenance
  • easy programming
  • easy cleaning
  • 98% machine efficiency

Everything to your advantage!

3. Automated process in every detail

If today you work manually, when my client gives you a robotic cell that relieves your operator of some work, you will seem to be on the moon!

But there is a problem!

If your operator stays in the centre of your process…

Then it means that you are not doing the best for your company!

You have not removed the risk that if your operator makes a mistake, your production has to be thrown away.

You are not certain that all the operations still to be done on the piece have been made.

If you really want the best for your company you can not be well please with this cell.

Well pleased ….

Is dead!

Why  can  my solution give you more, by building machines that automatize the process in every detail?

Just 2 words:

  • specialisation
  • focus


I have been working in this sector since the day I was born. Together with my family I have build a team of skilled engineers who work on the problems of each machine from every point of view.

As I have said before, we take care of every aspect of the machine, we do not subcontract anything.


I thought that I could not solve the problems of the whole world.

20 years ago I chose my sector in which we have invested our time and enery.

Today we can give you a range of solutions that will make the difference.

In this way we can offer you machines that are able to fully satisfy your needs.

They can do more operations, better and with a shorter cycle time.

All this to improve the margin of  your company profits!

Piercarlo Bonomi
The Main Expert in Robotic Cutting and Deburring Machines