copione casting automation

Today I have to tell you a misdeed.

I got copied again.

I am very piss off about that. It is impossible! Here we go again!

I have to tell you that I am glad to be pioneer, but when I get copied like by a man without his brain…I think that people wants the things too easily, without to make any effort.

Let’s come back to the misdeed…

Today I was reading again one of my articles.

I do it always, I check where the article is positioned in google and if it get interest in internet.

I make a search on Google. In the first lines I find my article, then I go down a little and what do I find?

Someone has copied my article! Impossible! Impossible! Impossible again!

I can not still believe it!

I found an article that talk about automatization of deburring process, then an other that talk about industry 4.0, than an other that talk about machine to refurbish.

But there is a problem!

He is not cheating only me, He is cheating also you, that every week read this blog!

I tell you how this blog was born and in which way it lives and grows up every day.

One year ago, in June, I’ve start this project with the creator of one scientific method to make marketing.

The creator is Daniele and the system is called Imprenditore Unico (Unique Entrepreneur), he helps me to feed the blog and develop it.

He was a person that I already knew for past works about traditional marketing (catalogues, advertising…)

Since a long time he was insisting a lot to start this new road.

The road was his new method to make marketing.

A safe method!

The blog is one of the means of communication and together we have work on the way to apply this method on our company.

Therefore, after moths of studies and preparation we went online and in September the blog is born:

The System to Increase Your Profits in Casting process

In the blog I write about problems that I face every day, and in which way I solve them.

I show you the way to solve your problems.

Every article come really from my direct experience.

In fact, after having really solve personally the problem (and who know me, knows that I solve really personally the problems), I go in front of my pc and I write the article.

These cheaters are keeping my experience and then they reinterpret it

In the end it’s the same thing…

But there is a problem!

They don’t know what they are talking about!

The writes information copied from mine, conclusion that they have no idea from where them are coming.

They summarize in some way my article.

Which is the result?

An inconsistent reasoning.

If you call them, what can they tell you? My summarizing?

I can not under stand, really!

I remember a similar situation when I was in high school.

I had a school mate that he has always high grades…but he never study..

He usually takes my works and he makes summarizing.

I took a high grades, he just a little less.

He was often saying “without studying, this is a great result!”

On write jobs he was great.

But there was a problem!

The oral examination was a lottery.

Once, after a perfect write examination, the teacher wanted to verified it.

“Come here, let’s make a talk”, the teacher said him.

He went to the teacher desk with his normal cocky way.

“Say me something about the Visconte Dimezzato (the viscount cut in 2 parts), Who is he?

This is a book from Italo Calvino that after the second war makes a metaphor about the state of mind of intellectuals of that time: because they didn’t know what to do.

He talk about a Viscount that during the war is cut in 2 parts, and the metaphor is in the part of the telling.

In Italian cut in 2 parts we says dimezzato, but it could also mean that this person come from Mezzato.

My school mate doesn’t know anything in detail, he knows only what he has copied: some parts of this long telling.

He instead to tell something about what I wrote you just now, answer:

“easy, the viscount that come from the count of MEZZATO!”

He was transforming a social problem, in a geographic problem!

That time his grade was 2…then his scholar life become a hell, and he graduate in a very difficult way.

All the cheates of today, are doing the same thing!

I can not understand if they are doing it with carelessness (like my school mate was doing) or if they do it for desperation (because the don’t know what to write else).

Sure I think it’s because the second option.

I have already write an official letter where I ask to remove the copied articles.

If they don’t listen me, I will follow with legal actions.

Original it’s better, not only because it’s original.

It’s better because I know what I’m talking, I do this job since I was born.

I solve personally your problems.

Who is coping me also the blog, how can he know how to solve really your problems?

Does he think to copy also the solutions?

Really I don’t know. I’m still now under shock.

Piercarlo Bonomi
The Main Expert in Robotic Cutting and Deburring Machines