All what you have to know

In a factory you haven’t just to check that the machines are safe. It is important to check also instructions.

In your opinion you are installing something easy at home, but in truth you are putting a bomb under the chair!!!

But let’s go step by step.

I produce machines for aluminium deburring.
If you connect an exhauster (that works) it is not dangerous.

Buti f you do the wrong things; the nit really becomes an un-calculable risk.

Here’s how you have to do if you are installing a machine that produces aluminium powder.

The points you have to pay attention are:

  1. Is the machine that produces powder connected to the exhauster?
  2. Is the exhauster Atex?
  3. Where do the exhauster pipes pass?
  4. Where did you installed the exhauster?
  5. What about cleaning and maintenance procedures?

1. Is the machine that produces powder connected to the exhauster?

It is essential that there is a secure connection between the 2 machines. If the exhauster is not working, the machine will produce dust.
The connection has not to be a simple logical connection. It has to enter into the emergency operations of both machines.

It is essential that the machine that produces powder monitors the operation of the exhauster system.
There must not be any error or malfunctioning possibility.
If you are not a technician and you want to know if things were done properly, you must do the following:

In the exhauster panel you have to find many wires connected to the machine (at least 12)

If you turn off the exhauster while the machine is working, the machine should stop

If you press a button, you have to stop the machine and both machine and exhauster have to stop.

2- Is the exhauster Atex?

Don’t think that just a piece of paper is enough to say that the exhauster is fine.
When you buy an exhauster for aluminium, you may find many exhauster producers on the market saying that they have Atex solutions with guaranteed performances.
Buti s that true?
I say no
the problem is that you have to orient: you have to find the right supplier.
The one with a reasonable price is not ripping off.

Well, how can you take the decision?
the method is easy: You need to explain in detail what is the difference between a normal and an Atex exhauster.
You supplier has at least to tell you:

the ventilator has a electro-welded fan

the filter has a rotary valve to remove the powder

there is a expansion chamber

a not strong enough means of pipe-line between the filter and the machine

There is a check valve on the pipe-line.

There is a sensor system verifying that the exhauster is correctly working and is not blocked

All the pipes are hard

If there are cutting valves, they must be bi-material

There characteristics are not optional, they are all necessary.
If your potential supplier does not know that, it’s not the right supplier for you.
Please remember that when you install the wrong machine, and something happens, they first come and get you, then the manufacturer of the machine.

3- Where do the exhauster pipes pass

It is essential to evaluate the interaction between the machines. And this is also necessary for the assessment of where the ducts pass through.
It is fundamental not to pass where there are possible sources of ignition or positions where ducts may be damaged.

4-Where do you install the exhauster?

All companies would like to install the exhauster fan inside the factory, near the powder production machine.
In fact it would be the best solution: you do not have to do long pipe-line, you do not lose load, you do not find any difficulty in laying cables for the machines connection

Everything would be perfect!

Except in case of explosion you company will burn.
I’m not talking about a remote hypothesis.
A thing like this happened in Milan yesterday.
In a company that was deburring aluminium, the aluminium exhauster system exploded, everything subsequently went burnt. Two people died.

5- What about cleaning and maintenance procedures?

Disasters happen often during maintenance operations.
In every company there is a “Rambo” who thinks he can do everything.
He is armed with flexible, he cuts a pipe-line with the exhauster working. Maybe while it is sucking aluminium powder.

You have found a way to blow up a bomb!!!

It is important to train and alert the company about the dangers.
It is essential that the training is done by the machine builder and the suction system, who should teach you all safety standards.

Installing a deburring machine is not a simple and obvious thing, but not even an impossible mission.

Just follow the right steps and get it right!