risk of sleep

I’m sure you don’t sleep peacefully if you have a cutting and deburring department without my machines.

I’ll tell you in just a few words:

  • accidents due to cutting
  • exhausting work
  • back injury resulting to hard and repetitive work
  • Noise

I’m sure, these are your everyday worries.

Every day you go to the company and hope that nothing happens. You hope no one gets hurt, no one goes to the doctor and asks for sick leave.

It’s been like that from time immemorial, since you started working.


When an accident occurs (hoping, but it will definitely happen) then endless problems begin.

To reduce the risk, you asked your safety advisors to find gimmicks to protect you, spending money “making safe” machines that will never be safe.

Accidents due to cutting

For example you made the saws safe by means of a red emergency button, emergency braking module, crankcases to protect eyes and blade:  don’t tell me that the operator is not likely to cut his fingers. If he touches the blade while it works, the damage is done and your problems really begin.

Or if you have a taping machine and the operator is so unwise that he injures himself, even if the machine is correct according to regulations, what are the consequences?

If somebody really hurts themselves, the machine will be sequestered, the department blocked and  you will be criminally prosecuted.

Are you sure you still want the risk?

How much does it cost if someone really
hurts themselves?

How many machines could you buy with the
money you spend to get out of trouble?

But the problem is much more serious!

Given that the risk is very high, you spend time and energy training your staff.

The staff are tired of stressful work and decide to change their job.

You spend your time recommending that everyone works safely, demotivating and stressing your staff, with the consequence that you produce increasingly less.

You live a difficult and intense life.

Exhausting work

Not to mention the injuries which come from repetitive work or the vibrations that the tools transfer to the operator’s hands.

If you try to deburr manually you can see yourself how many vibrations your wrists absorb.

It is certain that your operator who does this work day after day gets injured and goes on sick leave for days.

But the situation is worse than you think!

Just when you need to deliver, your operator goes on sick leave, walking out on you for a month And you can not even blame him.

When you try to replace him, the quality gets worse and the delivery times get longer.

One problem that creates a new one and another…
a terrible ripple effect

Injuries due to hard and repetitive work

If you work with heavy pieces it is even worse

Your operator must not only move the pieces, he also has to support them while working them.

All day long, his back has to bear the effort, which over time, creates enormous difficulties for him.

With all these problems you must, I repeat, you must have more personnel than you really need.

You have to rotate them on the most gruelling work.

You really have an serious problem!

You think you have a production with a given time and cost which are certain, instead, you have to manage thousands of unforeseen events.


Have you ever measured the noise in the department?

I’m sure if someone comes and checks, you’re outside the law.  Everybody has to wear ear phones and you have to start to worry seriously about the operators’ complaints and the fines that  you will get.

Every entrepreneur dreams of a company where everyone works together, working all for the same common goal

Working for everyone’s satisfaction, for their own and that of the company.

Instead of which, your operators are tired, ill and feeling exploited.

You find your company disorganized.

In the morning, you have to take a roll-call to see who is on sick leave and all day and all night, you have to hope that no one gets hurt.

Are you ready for a change?

Are you ready to reduce your problems
and earn more money?

If you really care about your company, if you really want to improve its growth, then you can’t keep waiting!

It’s already late, I hope not too late for you!

With my solutions:

  • the operator is away from any danger
  • the operator is relieved of all exhausting work
  • less noise in the department
  • The company will be cleaner
  • better work planning
  • more rapid delivery times

The operator is away from any danger

The robot works independently leaving the operator away from danger

The robot cuts and deburrs while the operator looks on from a safe place.

The operator is away from dust and vibration caused by the grinding belt and sharp, fast moving blades.

The operator can go near to the tools and the robot, only by opening the access door and in this, my machines are extremely safe. If the access door is open, the machine safely stops any motion.

Your operator can never get hurt.

The operator is relieved of all exhausting work

The robot does everything.

We have developed a number of units and tools requiring no intervention by the operator: you load the piece and the robot does all the work.

The operator must be trained about the processing risk, he does not have to be warned about the every day dangers, but has only to load the machine from a safe work place.

Your operator will have less problems, he will be less focused on the risks.

Your operator will be relieved and you even more than him.

Less noise in the department

The machine is closed inside a soundproof cabin.

With respect for your operator, the noise is significantly reduced.

Everyone has  benefited.

In addition, the operator is further away from the source of noise.

If they need to make an inspection, you definitely won’t have problems.

A quieter environment helps increase the productivity of the company, it helps to work better.

At the university my professor said: with music even cows make more milk.

The company will be cleaner

All the chips and all the dust stay inside the machine.

You don’t have dirt in your company

It seems obvious, but a cleaner company also looks more organized.

If your client comes to visit you and finds that everything is clean, he will certainly be more satisfied with the work you are doing.

Better work planning

You can always bank on my machine

Every morning it starts and is ready to work

You don’t have to be bound by anyone’s stomach problem.

You will have less unpredictable events and a more accurate and rapid process.

More rapid delivery times

With a decrease in unexpected events, you are sure to deliver more quickly and with in the delivery date.

It’s time to change direction,
to make a big step forward!

I am offering you the solution to improve your business and increase your revenue without any headaches.

I’ve so many installations, confirming what I have written here.

Piercarlo Bonomi
The Main Expert in Robotic Cutting and Deburring Machines