granigliatura dopo sbavatura


In the modern world many people really like living in the past and repeating the same things, telling themselves every day that they are doing the best thing for them and for their company. This also happens with the production process of a pressure-die cast piece where there the idea that the shot-blasting should take place after deburring.

In fact, your traditional process takes place as follows:

  • the pieces are deburred
  • the pieces are placed in crates
  • the pieces are loaded in the blasting tunnel
  • the pieces are placed again in crates
  • the pieces are stored for mechanical processing

All happy you tell yourself again: “It’s all right, this is the process. It has always been done this way…  After all everyone does it!”

But there is a problem…

The situation is much more serious than you think!

Firstly, you lose a lot of time for the whole process condemning your production to move slow. It happens that weeks go by since casting the piece to delivering it, blocking the storage of the pieces and consequently all the various sectors of production.

Now after many years I have seen so much and do not deny that even you have lost the crate every now and then while moving it around and found it again after months and after much screaming to yourself and staff.

Maybe you tried to offer your client to eliminate the shot-blasting process, but this caused even more problems.

Your deburring process needs to be perfected at best because you are creating complications to the coating process of the pieces (the piece’s surface is not rough enough for the paint to stick well) and the maintenance of the moulds is exasperating.

“All these problems have made you believe that
there is NO 
other solution than the traditional process.”

My purpose today is to make you change way of thinking and your attitude when facing these issues, suggesting you do better, shifting the focus to become a sighted person with the ambition to increase exponentially your company margins.

Free yourself from your problems
once and for all!

How can you do it right away?

No one else like us in recent years has seen and solved so many of these problems and today we were able to combine our AFC Cutting and Deburring machine with a Special Shot-Blasting machine.

This particular Shot-Blasting machine is integrated with the deburring machine and the machine communicates with the blasting units and synchronises at best. Then, when the robot has completed its work cycle it deposits the piece inside the Blasting machine and resumes the work process immediately, without losing any time.

While the robot is working, the Blasting Machine performs the finishing process and when the cycle is finished the blasting machine automatically downloads the piece on a discharge conveyor and prepares to receiving a new piece.

So now your Cycle works in this simple and fast way:

  • it loads the pieces on the cutting and deburring machine
  • it places the pieces in crates ready for the mechanical processing

By performing these two steps, you have eliminated thousands of operations and thousands of  potential problems, gaining many benefits that could not even imagine before:

  • reduced lead time for the piece
  • less people working at the process
  • less chance of error
  • less costs for logistics and less space occupied for the storage of pieces
  • reliable and certain process

Reduced Lead Time

The piece is ready to be delivered just after a few seconds from loading the piece on the deburring machine, unlike the current process that takes almost 2 full working days. There is no need deburr the pieces, store them and move them close to the deburring machine and….

Less time will be needed for the deliveries increasing your profits and with more and more satisfied clients.

Less chance of error

To err is human and errors can happen even to the most experienced and more willing operator. With the reduction of personnel and automation of the process, you will reduce the possibility that a piece is not blasted or does not meet your customer’s specifications.

Less costs for logistics,
less space occupied for the storage of pieces

You eliminate many journeys and storage of parts. You can occupy the space that the crates with the semi-processed occupied with other machines, other investments and…

A reliable and certain process

Each piece is worked in the same way and the possibility of errors is reduced to 0%. You have a process that increases the quality of the produced pieces and that allows earning more.

See You Soon
Piercarlo Bonomi
The Main Expert in Robotic Cutting and Deburring Machines