We all know it …
You cast beautiful and highly complex parts and everything could be so nice! But no – somehow they also have to be deburred. And the more complex the geometries are, the less your fast trimming presses are usefull. So what could be the solution – someone has to lend a hand!

And seriously … everyone who says he burr-free casting has not been in production for the past few years! If you do not maintain the tool every 1.000 shots, then you will have burrs – sooner or later.

And by the way, handing a file or a multitool into the hand of a worker directly at the casting cell is also deburring 😉

So – what is the solution?

You can either still let a few people (or entire departments full) do the manual work.


You have to check and see whether a robot can also do the job. But we don’t mean that a monstrous Foundry Robot moves the workpiece to any tool spindle and follows more or less badly a contour.

Unfortunately, however, that is still too often the status in all types of foundries. And that is exactly what always leads to statements like “Deburring with the robot does not work” or “We do it actually, but it works quite well”.

That is, or better was everything correct! A mostly very “creative” combination of individual components is simply not able to provide you with a process-reliable and economical result.

Also your car dealer does not go to the warehouse and has a look which other parts he has lying around and puts together a fast, nice and cheap car …

But as I said – that was the past!

We tackled this problem almost 20 years ago and have continued to develop this technology with our customers over the years – until today! And what came out of it?

A machine concept that provides you with perfect and absolutely process-reliable treated casting parts – no matter how complex their geometries are and no matter how many shots you have on the mould!!!

The AFC!

At first glance, a robot that just brings parts to any tools … BUT – there are differences and exactly these make the AFC an absolutely economical and reliable production system:

Common base plate for all components
This prevents the components from moving towards each other and the system is flexible in location and absolutely easy to clean, since no cables and hose lines are visible.

Fast special robot with high rigidity
To keep vibrations during abrasive machining low and still use the robot’s performance for short cycle times.

Units and tools specially designed for the robot
You do not get standard tool holders and thanks to 3D compensation you will always have a constant machining result – but you can use all commercially available wearables.

Maximum variety of tools
ALL types of tools that you use by hand can also be used on our tool revolver. Up to 25 different operations can be done in this way.

Completely housed systems
For very good sound insulation and a clean working environment (according to ATEX regulations). In addition, maximum occupational safety is created, since all accesses are security-locked according to the latest standards.

Intelligent camera systems in 2D and 3D
From position detection to geometry control, we can offer you different camera systems to optimize efficiency and productivity even more.

And what are exactly your benefits:

  • Efficiency up to 99%
  • Low energy costs thanks to autonomous processing units
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Faster, more precise and more continuous than any manual deburring
  • Suitable from batch sizes of 300 pieces
  • 30% to 100% faster than comparable machine types
  • Very quick and easy programming – 0.1 mm cutting precision

All of these advantages are already being used in well over 200 machines of this type. Our customers significantly reduce their reject rates and save cash on every workpiece – not at least final customer satisfaction!

But of course we don’t leave our customers alone even after installation! We offer immediate telephone support for all inquiries and, if necessary, 24-hour on-site service! In addition, all systems are equipped with a teleservice module.

Before each delivery, your employees receive comprehensive training in how to use the system and programming training in your language. You can also book advanced training courses with us.


Let us prove it and let us configure your AFC center completely without obligation!

You can already have the first rondezvous with your future at EUROGUSS in Nuremberg from January 14th to 16th – visit us and we will show you how you can further optimize your production!

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