In your production you are always trying to be careful make sure the time cycle of the machines you have at your disposal are complied with and you always strive to try out different solutions in order to discover that gimmick that won’t create any problems for you.

This is all true… but reality is something else!

If you have tried to cut a piece with a circular saw blade, you have undoubtedly found yourself in difficulty because:

  • The piece while you are cutting the gating and runners, is colliding with the blade motor
  • You have to study a cutting strategy in order to arrive in all of the points
  • You have to spend a great deal of time programming
  • Your cycle time is too long

With a plant systems that is so deficient that you have reduced yourself to cutting the casting with the result that your programmer had to sweat blood to do it and in the end declared himself to have done a great job.

But the situation instead is very, very serious, a great deal of adventures and misadventures and your machine is not able
to make you comply with the cycle time.

Your programmer has attempted to cut the piece in every which way, trying to blade motor where it was possible, he move the motor from the side opposite the piece, colliding with the fastening nut of the blade. A complex operation to solve a very serious situation that instead of you making only one cut you have to make 3!

So what it your attempt to
solve this situation!

You try to use blades that are larger in diameter … but all this instead of helping you, makes the task even more difficult. A wide blade needs an engine with more power and if you increase the diameter precisely because the motor encumbers so much, you cannot use power that you DON’T have.

The only thing you can do is
reduce the cutting feed rate

Try to increase the lubrication to reduce friction and decrease the power required, but you end up with the machine inside a cloud of oil. At one point, at the end of the games, and after having tried everything you have to settle for a longer time cycle and mediocre reliability.

Are you ready to deal with this problem in a different way
find a quick solution to
improving your production cycle time?


My belief is that you should face difficulties with intelligence and foresight, with the aim of finding the right and functional solution, as the main solution to the customer’s problem.

For this specific issue, I designed and built a unit that allows you to have all the cutting power you require while giving you the maximum space possible. 

sega a disco

The cutting unit has been created with a long spindle with bearings engineered to withstand the cutting thrusts of a robot up to 250 Kg.

A bearing in the proximity of the blade ensures great reliability and rigidity.

The bearings package is as fare away as much as possible from the blade. The only encumbrance that you might have during cutting are the flanges and the spindle shaft (which can not be removed at all).

The flanges are manufactured with an ultra compact fastening system: there is no blade-fastening nut.

The motor is set far from the cutting zone, and transfers the rotation by means of a toothed belt.

All the power required for cutting can be installed and can go up to 25Kw of power if needed!

The robot finally has all the space needed to work, with the possibility of carrying out long and deep cuts on each side of the blade.


a shorter cut time cycle: the robot makes fewer cuts and with a double cutting feed. Comparative tests have shown a reduction in cycle time by up to 50%. This means that if today it takes 40 seconds with your robot to cut the piece, my solution takes 20 seconds.

an increased lifespan for the tools: the unit has an engine with greater power, so the blade does not slow down when subjected to the shear stress. Comparative tests show a working lifespan of up to 10 times greater.

shortened programming time: the programmer will be making fewer cuts and does not need to study a sophisticated cutting strategy in order to avoid the overall encumbrances given by the motor. Up to 50% of the programming time is saved.

shorter maintenance times: the bearings are sized for the actual application; they are also pressurized to prevent dirt from getting into them.

See you soon
Piercarlo Bonomi
The Main Expert in Robotic Cutting and Deburring Machines