If you produce aluminium pieces that have to be varnished, then I’ve the right solution for you to kill your competitors.

The solution nobody had till today… the solution that halves (or maybe more) the cycle time.

Clients to whom I have sold this solution still don’t  believe the results. The results are truly revolutionary. Until recently I was desperate  (like you) when a client asked me to send a piece and prepare it for varnishing.

I didn’t know how to tell him that the cycle would be incredibly long… and that the result was uncertain.

But during a sleepless night, everything changed. I got the idea to solve this matter.


In the morning I arrived at the office and started with the whole team.

After just one month we were doing the operation test.

But let’s go a step backwards, if you need to send a piece, to prepare it for varnishing you may also know the thousands of problems …

  1. outsourcing work times 
  2. workers asking for sick leave
  3. never constant quality
  4. clients perpetually dissatisfied
  5. thousands of returned non conforming items
  6. uncontrollable production costs

1. outsourcing work times

If you have to sand a piece, your operator must use a vibrating tool by using sandpaper to remove the outside “skin” of the piece.

He must press hard where needed with e certain inclination, he has to work with a different inclination in a different area… he cannot loose concentration
If he doesn’t do everything perfectly….
He can not reach the result.


He must be able, keen, careful and focused.
How many operators do you have who are so good???

2. workers asking for sick leave

As I said, the operator must press on the piece with a vibrating tool.

If he is really good with one hand he moves the piece and with the other one he moves the tool….

Then he starts getting pains at his wrists.
He becomes addicted to painkillers … until

How can you blame him?  You should try doing  this job!  I’ve tried and I must say that if we go back to the Middle Ages …. Sanding would be used as a torture!!!
Imagine you have 10 operators and 3 of those have health problems… you are paying 10 employees but actually only 7 are working!

And I’m not doing random examples!
Do you solve it taking on employees with fixed-term contract? Pray God that He helps you not to make any scraps!

3. never constant quality

Sanded pieces are an art work. My dad’s passion is to restore vintage motorcycles and often he has to sand a piece sanded already judged OK by someone.

Well, he spends hours sanding the piece to get it just right.

This is to say, that each one judges the product in a completely different way.

The quality of the finishing is a huge problem!

Two operators one alongside the other, educated in the same way, with the same experience, make 2 completely different products.

In the morning a product, another in the afternoon! If the pieces were people, in the morning they would bring out Russians, and Americans in the afternoon!

In the box there would be (as there is) a great cold war!!!

4. clients perpetually dissatisfied

Tell the truth: Has your client no reason to complain?

You deliver when you want (or rather when you can), the pieces are all different and many do not conform (and you can discover it only after varnishing). Your client cannot be satisfied, you cannot help him.

5. thousands of returned non conforming items.

I’ve already explained you the reasons why you have returned pieces. Have you ever calculated what they cost you?

Have you ever wondered what an operator really costs you who sands the pieces?

In my opinion it costs you a fortune.

I’ll tell you a secret, how you should calculate the price of one processing operation.

To calculate the correct price of a processing operation you have to: take the worst worker, you ask him to work the piece and take the time.

Then check that you check meticulously the cost of the material and the energy. Then the fixed costs…. And here is the secret.

Take all your preferred accounts and MULTIPLY THEM BY TWO!

This is the real cost.
It’s dramatic, but it is the harsh reality.

6. uncontrollable production costs

If you have  many workers who work manually, you never know how much you spend on tools.

You have a careful worker who consumes the abrasive disc until the end.

Then you have a worker who does not care about your costs and throws the disc away every 3 seconds.  What is the result?

An incredible waste of money.

So, you never know the real cost of the pieces. You never know how many abrasive discs to buy.

One week you buy 2,000, the following week you buy 4,000 pieces which are not enough.

A huge problem of management and costs.

As I said at the beginning during a sleepless night I found the solution.

These problems tormented my brain.

I thought about loses one after the other.

No one until today did something about it, there was nothing that could solve the problem so far.

Until now if you had a sanding problem you had 3 solutions to resolve it.

  • continue working by hand…. But this is not a solution
  • Sand with a sanding revolver…. But if you have to sand large surfaces, you always have  to stop the machine to change the discs.
  • Transform the sanding process …. But the cycle time increases and the finish won’t be the same, and that’s not good.

I had to think about something really different, something completely new.

I created a new unit to mount on my deburring machine.

It is a sanding machine with a rectangular working table, with automatic belt changing

The new unit, once the abrasive one is worn out, changes automatically.

I’ve a 50 meter roll , that never ends!

But this is not enough!

Then I provided the unit with a high-power motor to make the machine even faster.

Then we mounted the unit onto a compensation system to programme it more easily.

This unit solves a problem that until recently was unbelievably large!

Today, with this unit you can sand your piece with the correct process. You know exactly what it costs to work the piece and when you will deliver it.

The advantages are:

  1. incredible work hours
  2. The workers are no longer involved in the production
  3. constant quality
  4. satisfied clients
  5. increase of your margins

1. incredible work hours

You set a work-cycle, and you say how the piece has to be processed.

And the game is done, the machine always does the same cycle time.

There are better days and worse days. The machine is a hammer beating steadily and regularly.

We did a comparative test. A machine equipped with this unit works 3 times faster than a very willing  worker!!

2. The workers are no longer involved in the production

Your workers are only spectators in the process. They load the pieces and then they can do anything else (taking a coffee??)

They cannot do damages and create hitches.

They never get sick because they are far from danger, noise and dust.

3. constant quality

The robot always does the right thing without making a mistake. If you make a programme to produce exceptional pieces, they will all be exceptional.

If you prepare a programme for mediocre pieces, they will be mediocre.

In addition the machine changes the abrasives at regular intervals, in order to maintain the quality of the finish.

You no longer depend on your workers, you decide what to do.

4. satisfied clients

You’ll see your client happy. You won’t deliver artwork, but just damn good pieces.

You won’t have pieces on which you discover that the varnish does not comply.

You will always deliver the pieces on time, as you are no longer a slave of your workers

Everything will run as smooth as oil.

5. increase of your margins

I’m proposing a solution that solves many problems, allowing you to produce faster pieces.

In addition the machine consumes less abrasive paper compared to that of your workers.

The delivery will always conform.

As you are a careful manager, I suggest you to call me right now.

If you want to kill your competitors (and not succumb while the competition arms itself),  you have no time to lose.

This innovation can really solve a great many problems in your company.

See you soon.

Piercarlo Bonomi
The Main Expert in Robotic Cutting and Deburring Machines