Today I am very proud. I don’t know how to write it. I’ve just visited Euroguss (the most important exhibition in the world for die-casting) and I’ve seen a huge picture of my project inside the both of my competitor!!

The picture is showing a machine very similar to mine, but there is a problem!!

Yes, by having a look in detail the machine seems to be very similar. The competitor has a picture very close to the tool: it’s complete the same of mine.

utensile copiato

I am sure that they have taken also the dimensions from mine: they are using the same commercial parts, the sizing of parts is made in the same way.

Incredible! I can not believe it!

I don’t know if I have to be proud or pissed off.

If I get copy also in detail, it means that I am really a referring point!!! The Coca-cola is copied by everyone, the other drinks not…

It’s seems every the same, but it’s not like that! The problem is bigger than what you think!

This competitor copy-and-paste don’t know what they are really doing.

They copy what someone has show them, that has let measure. They do, but they don’t understand the meaning of the things.

Maybe they have good salesman, they are good in hidden you problems.

Probably it’s not your fault, but you have bought machine than now are giving you difficulties.

You are asking your-self, where is the problem???

Why a copied machine should have so many problems?

In the end it is the same!

The problems you have are a lot. I tell you someone:

  • low knowledge of the process
  • improvised project
  • long cycle time
  • high cost of use and maintenance


My improvised competitor doesn’t know the process, he doesn’t know what will happen during your production.

I saw machines able to work not more than 2 hours. Then the problems are starting. Tools that get worn, that are not able to work anymore. Now it’s the time for PANIC: your operator start to look for solutions. My improvised competitor start to say that the problem come from your parts.

That you have to look for a solution by yourself.

You thought to have bought a technological machine, but in reality it is like you have bought it in a bricolage center: before you have to make your purchasing then you have to make them working.

The machine is without everything my competitor is not able to see.

The competitor has no experience in the process. My competitor wants to sell machine deburring machine, but also welding machine, but also assembling robots, but also machine tending solutions…how he can know your problems? How he can know how to make the right PLC software? Maybe he doesn’t use a PLC why he doesn’t understand the meaning to use it.


When you have to copy something you can not know what is really important and what it’s not so much.

For example the tool that I get copied will work for only 10 days. Then it will stop suddenly, and you’ll be alone without chance.

To repair  it you should change half of hits components.

It’s nearly the same, but I’m sure it will have thousand of problems. I’m sure because they project has defects, that in my eyes are big like a house!

I can not tell you this defects, my competitor is a big follower of this blog. I gave to him already too much free help.

Please contact me and I’ll give you all detail personally.


Every machine is made on a small border between performance and reliability. It has to be a perfect orchestra that plays with one nice sound.

If the project is a copy of what you have understood, how it can work in a good way?

Then you have to look for compromises. You have to solve the problem by yourself. The cycle time become longer…longer and in the end you have no more earning.


If the machine has many problems, how much do you spend to use it?

In my opinion you spend too much every second that pass. If your production goes ahead with difficulties you loose a lot of money.

If for you it’s enough the copy of Coca-Cola, a machine that is NOT efficient and with thousand of problem don’t call me.

If you are a manager that want to see his company
growing up, and you want a machine that make
you earning money, that give you satisfaction…


With my machine:

  • efficient
  • precise
  • easy to use
  • low maintenance

That it means for you:

  • no problems
  • a lot of earning
  • Production without waste

Contact me to solve your problem.

Even if you have made the wrong investment,
It’s never too late.

To make mistake is human, persevere is diabolic!

Piercarlo Bonomi
The Main Expert in Robotic Cutting and Deburring Machines