I’ve a big problem, a really big problem.

Actually it’s not really my problem… it’s yours.

I continue to explain to everyone that nobody can do miracles.

But there are still many who believe in them.

I’ll try and explain the matter a little better.

The problem is that our sector lacks professionalism and someone has even promised science fiction cycle times.
I always speak in a technical way (I hope not too much) about the Cutting and Deburring process, but on the market there are many who speak about this process far too cheerfully.
I am also for carefree and cheerful speeches, if you follow me you will understand.
I never joke, when I speak about cycle time.

It is very difficult to make cycle time.

You need to have a lot of experience, you have to know in the process where the pitfalls are, and what will be the limit of the tools.

But there is a problem!

There are too many who invent cycle time!
They survey the situation, try to figure out how much time and money the client wants to spend and then write a series of random numbers as an offer.

The problem is that there are so many hucksters who invent cycle time and maybe even convince the inexperienced customer and sell him a machine.
Maybe you’re in this situation too…. But I’ll tell you a secret: It’s not your fault!

Unfortunately you must trust somebody, and because I understand well enough, it is really impossible to know everything in detail.
I see so many developers in difficulty because of this mistake.

The deburring robot (improvised I might add) that does super fast cycle times, and, hidden behind a wall (well hidden from the visitors) are 2 or 3 operators making all those operations that cannot be done by the robot.

What’s happens?

The unsuspecting entrepreneur buys a deburring robot from a boaster, convinced he has done the deal of his life and then he has to increase employees costs.

Although they promise science fiction cycle time, they actually cannot do it!

It’s like if I buy a boat for a long sea voyage, and the vendor convinces me that a rowing boat would be perfect.

You, as an inexperienced sailor listen to him. Maybe he fills you full of technological details, or rather shows you that his company is full of many employees building fantastic ships.

Then he sells you a rowing boat…. and the only way to use it is to use a crew of rowers (your operators).

You are convinced that you have bought a luxurious yacht, but in reality it cost a lot of money but it leaks only water.

Be careful! I didn’t exaggerate, it’s really like this!

I am telling you the truth, cycle time is a scientific matter!

Many times clients want discounts on cycle time, YOU CANNOT DO THAT!

Or I find improvised builders of robotized systems offering a very short time,

The calculated cycle time is the sum total of times necessary to perform each operation.

Every operation on your piece “ costs” time.

The more operations you do, the higher will be the cycle time.

The real problem is to know how long it takes for each operation. Every tool has its own speed and power, so knowing the surface to be worked, you can calculate the time. I realize that this is a complex subject, but in fact it is even more so.


The same thing can be done with different types of tools, but you cannot use the same tool on different units ( with different compensation power and features) …

So to know how long it takes for a piece is very complex.

It’s complex, but it’s not a scientific matter.

Discounts and miracle solutions do not exist.

Ideas, operations and the correct tools have to be chosen.

Then with the calculator you can find the cycle time.

So, how do you know when you are considering an offer with a false cycle time?

If you calculate the cycle time it is a complex matter, but it is very easy to discover if vendors are offering a fantasy cycle time.


To make a super cycle time, you need at least a machine with all these features:

  • Integral base ( not a robot fixed on the ground)
  • a work unit suitable to be used with a robot (not a readjusted manual unit)
  • upervision system for an overall process check (not a unit directly controlled by the robot)

Then you have to look at the professionalism of the vendor.

You do not have to look how big the company is, but how many machines have been built to solve a problem similar to yours.

It doesn’t matter whether it has worked for Ferrari.

What matters is that the vendor has already deburred and successfully cut aluminium. Doing the same miracle cycle times the company has promised you.

If everything fits, then you can trust the cycle time he gave you.

Do you want to know more about the cycle time calculation?

Then enter your e-mail address here immediately to see the video I have recorded and where I explain to you personally how to calculate the deburring cycle time of a die cast.

Enjoy the video!

For any further questions not answered in the video, write to me and I will be glad to oblige you!