It seems exaggerated to say but it is really true.

And the reason I say this with great conviction is the fact that I didn’t say that but a client of mine did.

He didn’t say it with those words, but the meaning was the same.

I will try to explain it a little better.

It happens every time I start working with a client who is satisfied that his workers deburr manually.

Whenever we work manually, it seems perfect.

Nothing is wrong with that. Maybe in the price, you have calculated the cost for the manual deburring process. Maybe your workers are efficient.

Maybe you have only a few injuries.


For some reason you have chosen to install an automatic machine.

Then you realize that productivity grows disproportionately. You realize that the operators in front of the machine work better. You realize that your profits increase.

You realize that you no longer have any injuries.

You realize that your operators are always present.

Everything is perfect….


Your client also realizes it….


– No delivery delays

– The pieces are deburred all in the same way

– There are no rejects

And here it comes to addiction…


You cannot do without it!

You must install the machine to work each piece!

The operators do not want to deburr manually, the clients turn up their noses when you try to deliver pieces deburred by hand… your administration insists on automation because profits increase, but above all, the production costs are assured!


Of course this only happens if you install efficient and professional machinery.

I’m not talking about a hypothetical situation.

I have a client who was building the system on his own… he has never been ‘ drugged’ by these machines. Indeed he has lost money and time.

Then he began working with me.

We gave him a revolutionary machine.

Easy to use, versatile and fast.

Today he can not work without it.

Before he had a huge manual deburring department with a few DIY machines.

Then he started to install my machines.

Today he HAD to dismantle the deburring department.  Nobody wants to see a worker with a piece in his hand.

Everything has to be entrusted to my machines.

I continue to install machines for him and there are never enough!

Today I have talked with him about  delivering a new machine. They realized that by installing my machines in the department they have cancelled accidents and the noise has been drastically reduced.

I had the ‘unfortunate’ idea of certifying the process and ensuring the result of the final product because in the department there was a low level of noise.

Now he is in trouble.

Even the smallest operations MUST be performed with my machine!

There is no longer a chance of working  by hand.

And I will tell you another secret.

I don’t want to brag, but what I’m writing here for you it the reality of the situation.

This client had a makeshift machine, I don’t know  if he built it or if it came from one of my ‘make everything’ competitors; he has never confessed about it.

He keeps this machine switched off, under a tarpaulin and buys my new machines….


If you do not have a specialized machine, it is best to continue working by hand.

They do not give you any fun… rather they give you pain!

I have decided to specialize in making highly professional machines that really solve problems: to build a deburring machine, which you need much more than a robot and 2 tools.

First of all you need Know-How.

Then you need the machine: it has to be composed of a robot (that has to be the right size) of a specific and reliable unit, you need a full base, you need an electrical appliance and software to make everything easy to use.

It’s a bit like going to the mountains. Anyone can take a walk up to 1,000 meters, but if you want to climb  ‘Everest’ you have to be qualified. You have to have the right equipment and Know-How.

It is as if you improvise to climb Everest, you can not think to improvise to build a machine.

Piercarlo Bonomi
The Main Expert in Robotic Cutting and Deburring Machines