Metef 2017

It’s time to see it live!

Let’s meet at METEF, in Verona from June 21 – 24???
Within a few days, METEF will open.

METEF is the exhibition for foundries in Italy: all the best machining producers will meet in the exhibition hall in Verona.

There is no better place to see innovations in the industry.

The exhibition is a place where you can compare live suppliers and solutions.

In one day, you can talk to so many different people and see live solutions.

I will display a deburring machine with a small size SUPER-FAST robot.

This machine is suitable for working small pieces and significantly allows to reduce the cycle time.
The machine is equipped with the latest work unit.
This machine is really innovative and with high performance.
It can be equipped with the industry 4.0 software package.
This allows you to get the hyper ammortation incentives.
If you do things the right way, you can have great tax breaks.
But in addition to this, industry 4.0 gives many advantages to your foundry.
At METEF, we will bring our 4.0 innovation and you can touch it with your hands…. But that wasn’t enough for me!

I wanted more!
I’m attending as a speaker at a technical seminar which will take place during the exhibition.
The die-casting school ( has asked me for a technical speech about the 4.0 industry.
As there are incentives for the 4.0 industry in Italy, everything seems to be 4.0 industry.

But it’s not so!
Therefore, I have decided not to speak about the usual open-minded theories, but about something more concrete.
I have decided to explain how a machine could change in a 4.0 optic. I will present all the innovations I have introduced and those which are in the development phase in order to make the machine integrate with a factory system.

On June 23 at 11.20 am you will understand what industry 4.0 is.
During that seminar, the following people will speak:
Massimo Zanardini –  University of Brescia – RISE
Claudio Morbi, AD – Stain
Uwe Gauermann  – Electronics GmbH

Therefore, if you really want to know what cutting and deburring machines are like, we will be pleased to see you at METEF from June 21 – 24.
And if you want really want to know what industry 4.0 is, do not miss the seminar that will be held on June 23 at 10.30 a.m. No registration is required. Just take a set and get ready to receive all the info.

I’ll be waiting for you, you cannot miss it.