Not all robots are the same


One robot is good as the other”

Reading this starter phrase I start stiring…
That’s not true, it is absolutely untrue!

Don’t tell anybody …. But whenever I can I take the robots I buy to pieces.
Not exactly every time, but every time I see a robot I don’t know in detail.

I shouldn’t write that… but I have opened ABB robot wrists, I have taken the various FANUC models to many tiny pieces, I have disintegrated some KUKA, not to mention Motoman and Hyundai.
I shouldn’t say that, because robots are often new and if I open them the guarantee expires (if someone notices it).
But I have my reasons.
I want to know why!

If you have a machine you have to know how far you can push it… and don’t tell me that reading the catalogue is enough.

I’ll tell you a secret.

Apart from the actual product specification all catalogues are similar; in other words, the catalogues are all copied from each other!

Read the catalogue and get fooled!

I don’t like that.

For this reason I open the robot, so I can understand how they work, their critical points and I calculate their limits.
To go into the details of what I’ve found out, it would take days of technical discussion.
But belive me, the robots aren’t all the same!!!

There are ones much better and much worse.

Often I do the calculations and then I do a test to check my calculations

The calculations ALWAYS reflect the reality!

A robot with construction defects or with wrong peculiarities always gives problems, according to my experience.
So, it’s quite clear: if I say that you need a certain type of robot (brand and model), you need it… and not a similar one.
And don’t tell me anymore that all robots are the same.