How to use a robot for students and technical high school free of charge course

TREBI Robot Training

Do you want to prove yourself and learn how to use a robot?

Trebi offers you the right occasion!

We will teach you to use an industrial robot. Your teacher will be a real robot programmer who works with futuristic applications every day.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • You subscribe in the course by sending an e-mail to (specifying in the reff “robot learning”). You have just to leave your name and phone number, school, year of attendance.
  • We will contact you for the first lesson of the course (places are limited, so only the first enrolling will be accepted.)
  • At the end of the first lesson you have to attend a test
  • ONLY THE BEST WILL GO NEXT and can move on with the practical lessons of how to use a robot.
  • After each lesson you will have a test that will lead to final judgment written in the certificate.
  • At the end of the course you will receive a certificate that could count as credits for your state exam.

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What is a deburring machine?


We find often in the sector the word ISLAND to identify a robotic machine.

Let me start from this misuse of the word to explain how a robotic machine is composed of.

In the early robots (in the 90s) we hadn’t to follow standards to build a machine, it was enough that it could produce pieces.

So, the robot was in the spotlight of the manufacturer and the user.

The robot was the highest palm tree of the ISLAND (workstation) at the centre of ISOLA. The robotic machine was stationary (not connected to anything else in the factory) and the robot was the focal point of the machine.

All equipment were under of the robots and their safety study had still to follow.

Nowadays everything has changed.

Let’s go step by step.

How is a deburring machine composed of?

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All what you have to know

In a factory you haven’t just to check that the machines are safe. It is important to check also instructions.

In your opinion you are installing something easy at home, but in truth you are putting a bomb under the chair!!!

But let’s go step by step.

I produce machines for aluminium deburring.
If you connect an exhauster (that works) it is not dangerous.

Buti f you do the wrong things; the nit really becomes an un-calculable risk.

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Integrated safety and robotic systems

How to integrate safety devices on a robotics system

“I put a good sensor, the most expensive and my machine is safe”

But this is not the case!

If you have a machine you want to de-risk, the design and the choice of the components must be very accurate.


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Christmas 2018

It’s Christmas

It seems only yesterday that the year started full of hope and things to do.

Thought time passed fast
This year was full of challenges and step improvements.

I have to admit, that I am really satisfied
I am pleased to thank all my coworkers for precious committente given over the year.

I would like to say thank you to all our suppliers who supported us making possible all what we have achieved till today.

ABOVE ALL I have to say say thank you to all our clients who believed in us and gave the opportunity to Trebi Casting automatico to grow, relevant and world wide recognized.

Now it is time for a rest and to restart stronger the commina year.

We have a some new thing to develop next year.
We are improving the system to work die-cast pieces.

I’m working on great news to turn the system to 4.0 industry.
Solution not only required to get bonus in Italy, but also to use better and easier the machinery.

During this holiday You will have all the time to read the information in this blog to dig into the articles.
Download the how to “the 8 secrets to investe in a automatic system”

Start here.
If you really want to revolutionize your company, here you will find useful information.
Have you problems in finding what you are interest in? would you like cutting-edge information? Please write me I will replay as soon as possible

Please accept my Seasonal greetings and a Happy 2019!

Download the how to “the 8 secrets to investe in a automatic system”

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You buy a robot and your foundry sinks

If you have a die casting foundry and you think a robot in front of the press is enough, you’re killing your business.

Yes, you understood it in the right way.

You think to automate, but you sink your earning.


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