Only one robot kills your company!

How often do I see foundries with a robot doing the pieces-extraction from the press, and …. It does not do anything else!
the robot takes the piece from the press and the operator does all the rest: The robot takes the piece from the press and the operator does all the rest: it splits the sprue, it dries the piece, it controls it and finaly it puts it on the pallet.

then, maybe the foundry boss also tells me proudly: “the rate of automation here is very high!”


It is the minimum (and also mandatory) that in front of a casting press there has to be a robot..
You don’t really believe that you can still accept to expose the operator to certain risks today?

But there is a problem!

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If you do the wrong things it will never work

If you do the wrong things I twill never work.
But if you really want me getting angry, let me talk to a purchasing department that wants me to make the machine as they want treat the piece.

Usually the strutting man of the negotiations, must compare the price.

So all competitors have to propose the same thing, otherwise what do you compare?


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The foundry evolution is in Poland

The foundry market is moving every year closer to the Nord East Europe.

And Poland present himself with a great dress: an International Exhibition in Kielce 25th-27th September 2018.

Maybe you think that foundry is a letter of dies and of presses. …
But it is not like that!

If you want to earn money with a foundry (even if it is located in EAST Europe), you must automate the cutting and deburring process.

Let’s talk clearly, the competition is played in Mondial plane.

Once, the companies moved production to East Europe to reduce costs.

Today the distances are much shorter, therefore there is always a competitor cheaper than you.
One competitor close and cheaper always more to est. Doesn’t matter if you are Italian, German or Polish.

Therefore the price must not be the reason because your costumer is buying from you.

You must improve your production process

  • You must have certain costs
  • You must have precise delivery times
  • You must have a constant and continuos quality

Therefore is very very important also the cutting and deburring process.

The time is short and your competitor is every day closer to you.

Come to visit us in Metal a Kielce from 25th to  27th September 2018.

Believe me, don’t loose more time.

Come to visit us: Booth E-11.

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Cutting with a band saw has never been so easy

Particularly when you have to cut fittings low-pressure casted.

Cutting a casting in low pressure seems like an easy thing, but it is not.

Until yesterday, there were lines operators who did this operation manually.
If you also have a foundry where you do this, then I’m sure you will understand this risk.

Lines of men who, with their hands and face close to the blade, are busy separating the pieces from the casting.

Maybe you put the machines secure …


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A wheel can kill

When you dedurr cast pieces it is essential that the machine is equipped in the best way.

if you make the wrong choice, YOU KILL YOUR PROCESS.

If you have to deburr a piece, you need contact wheels.

Maybe you have always thought that all contact wheels are all the same.
Magari hai sempre pensato che una ruota vale l’altra
Maybe you have always thought that there is no difference between on wheel and another

But it’s not so!

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Well yes. I am increasing spaces for machine building.

Trebi, the company that builds cutting and deburring machines, is tripling its production spaces.

More companies are commissioning me to build machines.

Delivery times are becoming longer, too long.

It was impossible to go on like this!

Today I produce machines with a very competent and enterprising team… and space is no longer sufficient.

So, we decided that it is time to move forward, much forward!

We are about to inaugurate a new production facility that is much better and larger than the previous one.

We are not ready to cut the ribbon yet, but work to set up the factory is frenzy.

We cannot wait to start using it.

The old structure will still be maintained for production parallel to the new one.

With the new plant, we aim at reducing the delivery times of standard machines, and to being the largest company specialised in cutting and deburring machines.

The prerogatives are all there. Everyone’s commitment is at their best.

We are organising everything to have the best efficiency of the entire plant.

The official inauguration will take place in the summer… and we will start assembling the machines in the new plant shortly.

During the inauguration, we will show the latest innovations in Cutting and Deburring for Foundry.

Book your ticket for the official inauguration.

The date and schedule will be soon available.

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