A History of success in fettling process

Every time I meet a costumer for a new project, he ask me:

What is the cycle time I need to produce my piece?

When you talk about surface deburring, cutting or finishing the cycle time it all depends on the operations which you want to do…

So I start my engineering lesson about materials, work speed… it’ s really boring…
But it’s like that!

There is nothing else to do!
In short I want to explain without using thousands of technical reasons.

The cycle time is the same it takes to work by hand!

If your worker needs 90 seconds, my machine takes 90 seconds!

But there is a problem!

In this way your investment returns in 10 years!
But that’s not enough, and it can’t be enough.
Until yesterday you didn’t have any alternative.

Nobody had an alternative. That was the process, it had to be done in that way.
There was no alternative.

But there was a problem.

You couldn’t invest because it wasn’t worthwhile!
That was not enough for me and for my clients!
I’ve been working on that for some years.

The solution was near, but it was never satisfactorily until the end.

Only today can I say I have a solution to reduce the cycle time.

If I think about how much I spend on research and development to find it I feel faint….

But today it is available to all this who believe that things can real change!

It’s not a solution for everybody.

It’s not good for every problem
It works if you need to sand big surfaces.

Year after year aluminium die-casting is replacing the sheet-steel.

Large-sized pieces are die-cast, much bigger than 5 years ago. The thicknesses are getting thinner and thinner year after year.

This involves considerable wear and tear on the mould and the need for sanding the whole piece.

If you are in this situation I have found the solution to half the cycle time.

If you process by hand you have to use sanding tools: Vibrating tools on which you have to apply abrasive papers.

When the paper is worn down you have to stop to change it.

This manual process has the following issues:

– lengthy cycle times
– the workers must always change the abrasive paper
– uncertain productivity
– uncontrollable number of rejects
– worker accidents (the vibrating tools cause problems to the wrist)

For some time I have been working on this matter because year after year client demands are increasing.

Until 6 months ago I could “only” suggest to you to modify your process in robotizing your system.

This solves many problems.

It optimize the cycle time, makes it constant, decreases the number of rejects and solves safety matters and accidents at work

But this was not enough….

It was not enough because in the end the cycle time wasn’t revolutionised…. it was certainly better, but the machine didn’t give revolutions to the worker. It was honest, efficient but not SUPER.

Now I have found the way to cut the cycle time in half.

If some expert in mechanical machining reads this article he will think that I’m MAD.

But I assure you that everything is true.

Indeed, very true.

When I see the machine working I stare like a child who sees the F1 circuit for the first time.

Beautiful, sparkling and above all fast.

I’ll explain to you what happened.

We took our most successful machine and changed something.

We have added an automatic sanding system.

Do you know the manual sanding systems?

Well, they don’t have anything in common.

That’s not quite true. They have the vibrating belt in common.

By hand there is the matter that the paper has to be changed often, so the new unit changes it automatically (and the operator has to intervene once a month).

Manually there is the problem that there is a long cycle time. So we increased the power, have improved the balance, cooled the surface and increased its sizes.
You’ve to change the way of working to cut the cycle time.
But this is not possible.

It’s so incredible that I can’t explain it.
So I have a proposal for you. Come to see it.
If this could be the solution for you, I can offer you a free test.

If you want a video to see it working, write your email here below.

If you want to see it working send an email to

It is possible to change. It is time to invest in the future.