Once when you had to produce a piece, you had to go to a trustworthy artisan to build the ‘perfect’ machine for your needs.

Once you knew what you had to produce tomorrow.
Once you could put goods on stock

Once you could produce scraps… and no one complained.


Today, times have changed, and NO ONE can think of working as before.

Maybe you think you still need that special machine (we call it TRAP),  maybe I think your sector is different, but the harsh reality is that it isn’t.

Today you have to be willing to admit that times have changed.

I am often with a client who wants the super special machine. The request is always the same, the machine must be:

– fast

– efficient

– compact

– cheap

Whenever I find myself shaking my head. I never know where to begin.

I grew up in a technical department designing special machines.

I’ve a strong connection to these machines. The challenge of doing something incredible again.

Something better that what has been done previously.

But I’m the first to tell you that there isn’t time anymore for these solutions.

Why not?

  • not flexible
  • not reliable
  • not serviceable
  • endless delivery time and installation dates

Not flexible

“So we produce only this type of flanges!”

“We are not interested in flexibility, we produce only these articles”

How many times have I heard these phrases…then the client noticed that he wasn’t earning  by producing  flanges or if he wanted to stay on the market the production of flanges was not enough, it was also necessary to produce levers or housings or other complementary components.

The result?

The super fast special machine was ready to be scrapped. It was always standing still and most of the production was made by hand.

Today flexibility is indispensable.

Even if you were Nostadamus today you would know your company has to produce tomorrow.

Obviously you can not expect to buy a machine able to do everything you have in mind.

But you can not even think of buying a machie able to work ONLY one product.

You’d never buy a washing machine just for red dresses … because your wife only dresses like that.

All the other clothes are not important.

Not reliable

I’m an engineer with a lot of experience and I try never to take a risk, but if you want a fast, compact and cheap machine … there are a lot of risks to be taken.

How can the machine be reliable?

It’s like doing a race on a narrow mountain road and wanting to finish first.

Push the accelerator as much as you can, you do your best….. but  it may happen that you mess up a detail and finish in a dump…

Only after many years will you know if your machine is reliable or not.

Not  serviceable

Imagine that your machine is not reliable and you need technical support or spare parts.

How can  you think that the supplier will follow you?

He can not have the spare parts: if the machine has been cheap, he cannot produce one more and put it on stock.

He may not have the technicians trained to fix it: There will be a designer who knows 2 or 3 people who are able to lend a helping hand.

If everything fails, only heaven can help you.

Endless delivery time and installation dates

The more you want a special machine, the greater the uncertainty of the delivery date.

People don’t say it, but we in the industry often say: “ Delivery sooner or later.”

Unfortunately you never know when the special machine will finish.

There are thousands of hitches that can cause you to lose a lot of time.

Produce a special machine is a fight with fate.

There is no schedule. There are only exceptions and issues.

Then the first installation and the tests: An ordeal.
Whenever I had to test special machines, I always felt like Rambo who has to cross a minefield…. And find bombs and defuse those only with the help of a knife.

There are no certainties.

It is for all these reasons that I tell you straight, it’s no longer the era for these machines.

Today if you want to stay in the market you need a solution:

– flexible

– reliable

– with definite construction and maintenance times

– with technical support for easy to repair and constant over time.

All those who insist on buying  TRAPS lose their margins year after year.

Today’s clients ask you to be fast, flexible and reliable in productivity and with delivery.
Traps take you away from your client’s needs. You just throw money out of the window.

Special machines throw your company into an abyss from which it is increasingly difficult to escape.
I have noticed all this after working together with my clients.

I saw that those who invested in TRAPS, are now really in trouble. Those who followed me can boast a modern and reliable foundry.


ONLY machines which are highly flexible, easy to use, with a detailed schedule of construction and installation times, with all the service required to make them work well throughout their lives.

If I were a pastry chef I would say:

I can make the cake you want, but I have 3 kinds of toppings ready in the fridge, the meringues are in the pantry, you can chose the base among these 10…

I do thousands of different cakes, but using known and tested ingredients.

In this way, I make sure that I will give you a flexible, reliable and customized solution.

Each machine builds on the experience learned with other clients, improving the solution and making it faster.

Piercarlo Bonomi
The Main Expert in Robotic Cutting and Deburring Machines