Those of the Blades Boycott Me

I have found something out that I want to share.

I thought it would never happen, but I have to tell the story!

It always seems that everything is fine, but in the end there is ALWAYS A PROBLEM!

Let’s put some order, Before telling the facts, I’ve to make a small introduction.

In these years we have developed robotic cutting machines with band saw blade (band mill)

When I decided to do this kind of machines, I immediately thought about as all my competitors do: take a commercial sawing machine and use it with a robot.

So I started making some tests and to analyse the commercial sawing machine.
I bought the best 2 in the market.
I tested them and…. And they broke in a very short time.
I analysed the problem and noticed that they had conceptual design mistakes.

It always seems perfect, but it’s not like that!

The machines seemed designed by the same hand. They both have the same conceptual mistakes.

So I started all the design from scratch.
I asked several industry experts for advice, I made cutting tests measuring the necessary forces, I calculated all the thicknesses of the machine carpentry and evaluated new and innovative solutions.

It took so many sleepless nights…

Then I built the machine.

I did the cutting tests.

I analysed the used blades under the microscope.
Day after day, night after night, we optimized our sawing machine.

So far everything went in the right way. But something happened?

A client told me: My blade supplier does not want to give me the blades for your machines!”


I did not understand either. Why don’t they want them the blades for the machine I have delivered?

Each blade is cutting-edge welded, there shouldn’t be problems. Then I went to the client to analyse what was happening.

Then I investigated in deep. I went to the client to analysed what was happening. When I visited the client, I understood everything: the reason was that the supplier was boycotting the machine


If you install one of my machines, you use the blades up to 4 times less compared to the way you are working now.

So your supplier wants to give you something different, he doesn’t want to lose an important slice of his turnover.

Let’s talk about numbers so you can understand better.

If you have 3 machines of one of my competitors and you work on 2 shifts, you spend 2,500 €/month. If you use one of my machines, you only spend 600 €.

And this is to produce the same quantity of pieces!

Now you understand why your blade supplier can’t support me and my machines! I’m killing his turnover!